Cannot Rejoin WTRL TTT Start Pen from Pairing Screen

After joining WTRL TTT events I move over to the BT pairing screen so I can keep pedaling while I wait for the start time. On 2 occasions now I have been unable to rejoin the start pen. This is very frustrating for me and other members of my TTT team.

I am running ZG on iPad (6 gen) software v14.4 - ZC on iPhone 6 and a Tacx Flux 2.

Can anyone help please?

I would raise a ticket with Zwift support. There have been various fixes to pairing in the past few Zwift updates, including an iOS crash in the pairing screen.

I’m assuming that you’re up to date with Zwift versions.

Thanks Steve - I’m up to date with the ZWIFT game on my iPad. I’ll raise a ticket. Bring back riding outdoors!:blush: