Bug with pairing screen on IPad

Hi folks

Last Thursday for TTT events I was in pen for waiting 10 minutes before riding. So for warm up I selected pairing screen and I was not able to go back to the pen. Unfortunately I had to restart zwift , so no race for me with my team. iOS and zwift are updated.

Is there a solution in this case to succeed to go back to the pen without rebooting.

The pairing screen doesn’t take you out of the pen.

You should be able to open the pairing screen and use it to keep your legs warm while you sit in the pen during TTT events, many Zwifters do this to both keep their devices awake and make sure their warmed up correctly. It sounds like you had some sort of issue that caused you to withdraw from the event which we can look into further if you contact support directly so we can take a closer look at your account.

Thanks for your answer. Sorry I was not enough precise. Usually I have no problem with pairing screen. I use it every time when I race a TTT. It’s just on Thursday I had trouble. When I clicked on return, a window was open for searching my HT but without finding it. When I closed this window I was always on pairing screen with informations from power rpm, bpm on iPad

This situation has happened only 2 times on more 25 TTT events. I wondered if there was a problem with this new update.

This sounds like the sort of issue that would be better served troubleshooting through email where we can review log data and other relevant account info to get a better idea of what might have happened to cause this unexpected behavior

Ok. I see. To whom I have to sent this email.
I sent log. File to logs@zwift.com Is it correct

It’s best to reach out using the chat tool at Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift and use the chat widget in the bottom right corner. The widget will try to find a few support articles that might help then give you the option to send an email if none of them did. This will get your message to a support colleague.

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