Cannot get gradient to activate

I have Zwift 2 months and running a Xplova NOZA trainer. I not never had any resistance on the trainer. I can climb the Alp at 10% in the same gear as on the flat. The device is fully connected to both power source and controllable when in setup. In settings the difficultly is set to max and no running ERG mode, still nothing this is very frustrating, any help would be great.

Hi @Ruairi_og_O_Gorman

When connecting it to ANT+ you should use the ANT+ FE-c option.

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There can be a number of things that are causing this problem. I too went through this. Please see two topics in this forum. The first is the Guide to Getting Useful Support at the top of the Bugs and Support category of the forums, a basic list of info to provide on your system to help folks diagnose it with you.

The second is a recent discussion on exactly this problem entitled “No Resistance Change From Zwift” in the Bugs and Support category. (wish I could include links to make it quicker for you but I can’t). You’ll see a good bit of discussion on bluetooth and ANT+ connections, things to try, things that have worked for others, etc.

Let us know what your whole setup includes and try some of the things mentioned in this string. Hopefully through this and the connective wisdom of this group we can help get this working for you.

I am currently only using bluetooth, Is that the cause ?

I dont have an ANT+ dongle bluetooth only , downloaded fullgaz and it tested it hit 7% and instantly dropped to the small ring with the resistance so that rules out the trainer. uninstalled Zwift and setup again, still nothing on the first 6% climb. Very disappointing as I prefer Zwift .

Seriously, check out the “No Resistance Change From Zwift” thread as it will have a lot of suggestions of things to check and try. No sense repeating all of it into this thread. I went through the same challenges and got it to work eventually through Bluetooth, mostly working through the Companion App, and solidly with the recommended ANT+ dongle.