Cancellation page isn't working

I’m trying to cancel my membership, but the cancellation page isn’t work. It loads a blank white page with the zwift chat widget in the bottom right, but nothing else.

I’ve tried this in Firefox and in Chrome with Incognito mode and it does the same thing in both.

Yeah it’s been reported more than once. All I can say is if you keep trying different browsers you’ll probably succeed. Otherwise, contact support.

Welcome to Forum. It’s Juan from Zwift. I’m sorry to hear that you want to leave us. I appreciate the effort you’ve put into fix this on your own. In fact, you are on the right path; the workarounds you’ve tried above are the correct ones.

If there’s no indication that the website’s down and clearing the cache doesn’t fix the problem, there could be an issue with your default web browser.

If you’re still not able to uploaded the cancelation page, please do not hesitate reach out to us, we’re here to help!

Incognito mode sets the cache directory to a temporary folder, so by doing that he already started with the page uncached.

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Hi Juan,

I’ve tried doing so on both Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and with Incognito/Private mode on both Chrome and Firefox, and clearing the cookies and cache first on Firefox. In all cases, it goes to a blank white page with the Zwift message button in the bottom right corner.

With Edge, I went directly to the cancellation URL and it asked me to login in, and then went to the blank white page.

None of them seem to work.

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Sorry to offer a lame suggestion but have you tried on your phone? Based on previous reports my assumption is that this is not super reliable but also not 100% broken. (Unless it is now.)

Hi @Jeremy_Haak Thanks for the update. Since you have been unable to reach the cancellation page, the best option here would be to contact support. We will be happy to help you cancel your membership to avoid unwanted charges. See you there!

Unfortunately no luck on mobile either.

Solved it through support.

Hi @Jeremy_Haak Great! I confirmed that my colleagues were able to help you with the cancelation process. I appreciate your efforts. I hope you see you in a new indoor season. Ride On!