Cancel page vanishes

Why does it seem impossible to cancel membership on your website? As soon as it gets to the page with the options, it disappears before you can do anything???

Hi Uther, the cancel membership confirmation page has some images that load on it that are sometimes interrupted by by ad-blockers or other browser plug-ins that affect how a page loads. The easiest check for this is simply to right-click on the login button and select “Open link in Incognito Window” if you use Chrome to open a new browser instance with no add-ons and a clean cache.

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so… How about @Zwift fixing it? (Instead of providing workgrounds…)

@Uther_Pendragon: Care to add some technical info? Which browser are you using? Are you using an Ad blocker? Which one?

I’m not sure it’s broken. Sounds like the OP is having issues with browser settings for which Lucas has provided a remedy.

Hmm… I use multiple ad blockers/privacy extensions. Have very little, if any, issues (well, haven’t tried canceling Zwift subscription yet…)

While it is possible one of these may cause images not to be displayed, the vast majority of sites display OK.

Blaming the client’s setting is not always fruitful. Solving the issue is… (and no, “remedy” is not a solution, nor is a workaround. Zwift should always try to make it’s best to work using any reasonable - or common - configuration…)

Ok. I respect your opinion even if i don’t quite agree.