Can we have better ride descriptions?

It would be very helpful if wherever a ride shows up — for example, on the schedule, or the list of rides that can be joined, or on its own page — that it be described sufficiently.

Too often it will just say “1 lap” or group “C”. “1 lap” is meaningless without good knowledge of the route. A letter is meaningless without knowledge of whether it is referring to the w/kg or distance range.

For example, the L’Etape du Tour: Ride to Win on January 28th is described only as “1 lap”, that’s all.

In my opinion, a ride can be pretty well summed up in two numbers: distance and amount of climbing. Therefore, in my opinion, these two numbers should be visible next to the title of every ride.

Route can be important if people with normal road gearing need to switch out their cassette for hill-climbing gears if the route is all uphill, for example. Or if they simply don’t like the world the planned route is in.

Sure, sometimes better information can be dug up, but it would be nice to not have to dig, especially when selecting from the live list of rides that can be joined easily when just starting a ride.

It’s understandable that not all ways of describing a ride are solid numbers, but more information is better than less information.

All the info you require is curently in the ride description:


Ah, my fault. I didn’t realize The Volcano Climb Afterparty was the route. I thought it was an event associated with the final L’Etape series or a warmup.

Perhaps the descriptive text could be placed immediately following the event title, rather than under a heading near, but not quite at, the bottom of the page after a summary of the rules?

WORLD: Watopia
ROUTE: Volcano Climb Afterparty
ELEVATION GAIN: 286 m (937′)
TOTAL DISTANCE: 40km (25 miles)

For this particular ride it was possible to dig for the information, but my feature request was for all rides — many of which lack this information even on the Event page — and to not have to dig for the information.

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Zwift team , I’ve just completed the etape du tour race for today, road to sky. The race description on the training club says 1 lap 19.9km. At the start of the race the distance to finish showed 24km. During the race the distance to finish even increased various times during the race, I finally reached the finish line after 27.7km. What’s going on? It’s hard to pace yourself for a race when the distance keeps increasing, especially for a hill climb.

The race description for today’s race, road to sky seems incorrect. 19.9km and race didn’t finish for 27.7km? The distance to finish even increased a couple of times during the ride?

So Road to sky is 19.5km but the rout does not start at the start banner, there is a 7.7km lead in before you get to the start of the segment.

From :

Thanks, that wasn’t obvious for those of us new to the route, I did discover this in the process, but a number of people had the same issue, I think it would help if the race descriptions showed total distance, rather than a sub segment.
I also noticed the distance to the finish increase a couple of times during the race (by about 4km in total). Is that a bug?

Yes it takes some time to learn all the zwift routes. Zwift insider is very help full. for things like this.

O yes this is a BUG. Vote up the current bug report. KM to go in races is wrong