Can’t pair controls with Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift via Ant USB stick

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift that I pair via ANT USB stick with my PC (where I run Zwift). While I can pair power source, resistance, heart rate and cadence it won’t pair with controls. However when I run the Zwift App on my mobile phone I can also pair with controls (so the bike should not be the issue).
I’m using a 15 year ANT USB stick from my Garmin Swim, however as it works for pairing with power source, resistance, heart rate and cadence I doubt it’s because the ANT stick is outdated. Has anyone experienced a similar problem?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @Matthias_Moll, welcome to Zwift forums!

I appreciate the relevant information provided. Zwift Play is compatible with the Wahoo KICKR BIKE when both the Wahoo KICKR BIKE and the Zwift Play are paired over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). For more details on how this works please review this article.


Hi Martha,

thanks for your reply however this is not exactly what I was looking for. I don’t need an extra steering tool (Zwift Play) however I want the steering of my Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift work with Zwift. Again it works with my smartphone but I want to make it work on my PC with ANT + as well.

I believe the answer is the same, to get the steering controls to work on the Kickr bike you need to pair via Bluetooth, that is why it works on your phone but not the PC. You can get an inexpensive BLE dongle and it should work just fine.

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Thanks Mike - got it.
I ordered one and looking forward to try it out! Thanks also for the youtube link.