Can only connect after 8-10 tries

With my PC. Why is that. With my new Mac, it doesn’t see my Tax. How can I deal with both issues? Any ideas welcome. I miss all the group rides since I’m so late each time.

We need more info: Guide to Getting Useful Support

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Thanks for linking to the guide. On a PC Windows 10. Connecting via Ant+. Using Tacx Vortex. I’m hardwired into the modem so connection should be ok. I don’t know how to find the Zwift version I’m using. Do I have to be in the game to see that?

With Mac I’m using Catalina 10.15.5. Connecting with Ant+. For some reason, Zwift can’t find the trainer. It found it on my previous Mac but not the new one.

Windows 10 will automatically update Zwift, so no need to check. Are you using an extension cable to get the ant+ dongle close to the trainer? Is there anything in the room that could be causing interference such as a fan too close to your setup?

This might be a permissions issue. Crashing with MacOS 10.15 Catalina

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Hello Mike. I got very side-tracked. Haven’t solved my problem. With my Mac, Zwift doesn’t see my Tacx so I can’t pair it. I went to the Crashing with Mac OS- however this isn’t my problem. The Mac doesn’t crash because the game can’t start as I can’t get Zwift to pair with Tacx. Not sure what to do as this wasn’t a problem with my previous ac