Can I use Garmin watch as second screen?


I have a Garmin 945. Is there a way to use the watch as a second screen to display speed, power, heart rate, cadence, map… ? Connecting the HR-tri belt to Zwift with ANT+ is easy but I can’t find a way to use the watch as a second screen.

Thank you for your help

You wouldn’t use it as a second screen, you would use it in conjunction with Zwift.

You will not see speed (or speed will never match what you see on Zwift), but you can connect all your Ant+ devices to both Zwift and the Garmin and you should see HR, power and cadence.

You cannot connect a Garmin watch or bike computer to Zwift in any way.

Too bad. Thank you for your help

Your Garmin 945 watch will display your heart rate and cadence, won’t it?

And assuming your trainer/power meter is not Bluetooth only, then it’ll display power as well, per Garmin’s specs. (as Paul wrote)

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I can try to connect my home trainer to my Garmin 945. I have the Elite Suito and it supports ANT+.

If Garmin can use the cadence and power sensors of the HT, can it deduce the distance for Indoor bike activity?

Nope, the Garmin will know nothing of the virtual elevation changes within Zwift. Just ignore the speed and distance since they will hardly ever match, the power, cadence and HRM should be the same though.

With riding indoors, including Zwift, power over time is what is important, speed and distance are irrelevant.

Ok. I’m looking for the best solution for the Garmin Training Effect should be as reliable as possible since it has to be calculate on the watch and calculate from the Zwift activity

Doesn’t the training effect only use Power and HR? I am not sure. But if that is the case you can record with your garmin while Zwifting.

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The Garmin Training Effect does not use speed or distance traveled as a metric, so you should be good with power, cadence and HR.

I connect my power meter and HRM to Zwift and my Garmin 820 (and sometime to my 920).

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Ok I will try this. Because last two activities, I connected my HR only and training effect was very low. I hope it will be better with the power sensor