Better integration with garmin watch

As of today when I want to run training on zwift I connect via my phone android since I need both bluetooth and ant+ for heart rate monitor.
During workout what I do care about is just what watt I’m suppose to be at how long this interval and what my current watts.
All those 3 numbers can be shown on my watch I don’t really need my phone on my bike to get those 3 numbers
I wonder why the zwift app can’t use my garmin watch as another display screen to show those numbers
then after starting my workout I can put my phone aside and just train and track the progress on my watch.
I don’t really care about the path I’m biking or the avatar.

But that’s the whole point of Zwift. It provides virtual entertainment for otherwise dull indoor riding. If you aren’t interested in that then don’t use Zwift, save your money. You can use the free app that came with your trainer and many head units can control the trainer if you program in a “route” or training program.

Most of us prefer the virtual experience as it makes riding indoors easier than just staring at a wall.

Well I do want to watch netflix, I do watch VR if I’m doing race or just ride a route but sometime I want to watch just a tv series and I can’t do overlap over netflix