Can Apple TV output sound to bluetooth earphones?

When connecting iPad to TV via HDMI, the screen has two black bars on either side due to incompatibility of aspect ratios.

I was thinking of using Apple TV instead of iPad for Zwift rides.

Using Kickr Smart Trainer and Polar heart rate monitor, can Apple TV also redirect sound to Bluetooth earphones (Jaybird) instead of outputting sound to TV?

There’s some limit on number of Bluetooth devices that can connect to ATV from memory. So I doubt you’d want to sacrifice your cadence or HR (or wattage) to listen to music.

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Yes it can

Thanks guys.

FYI, its 3 devices and one is used for the remote.

Another option, if you’re already using all of the BT connections from the ATV, might be to get a BT transmitter for your TV and just have the sound directly from TV to headphones, bypassing the ATV.