Camera Shake Setting

(Mike Kelly) #1

Just wanted to add a vote to getting a setting to turn off camera shake. Please don’t link it to Tacx road feel though. It would just be nice to turn off the shake, especially on routes like the Jungle where the entire route is on dirt.

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

While they’re at it, can they disable the camera drift as well? You know, when you go round hairpins down a mountain.

And turn off the annoying static camera at the top of the radio tower and Alpe du Zwift. IIRC it’s on Box Hill too.

(Mike Kelly) #3

Actually I just rode the jungle again today and I didn’t see any camera shake on the dirt. I don’t really mind it on the bridges and cobbles. I just thought it might be lowering the FPS on my overtaxed GPU. It wouldn’t be a bad option to have someday though.