Camera Shake Setting

Just wanted to add a vote to getting a setting to turn off camera shake. Please don’t link it to Tacx road feel though. It would just be nice to turn off the shake, especially on routes like the Jungle where the entire route is on dirt.

While they’re at it, can they disable the camera drift as well? You know, when you go round hairpins down a mountain.

And turn off the annoying static camera at the top of the radio tower and Alpe du Zwift. IIRC it’s on Box Hill too.


Actually I just rode the jungle again today and I didn’t see any camera shake on the dirt. I don’t really mind it on the bridges and cobbles. I just thought it might be lowering the FPS on my overtaxed GPU. It wouldn’t be a bad option to have someday though.

Yup the camera shake makes me barfy’. Would love an option to turn it off.


I think that if you change your camera angle to anything but View 1, you don’t get the high camera view at the top of the Alpe.

But View 1 is the one I use and want to use. :frowning:


I usually change the camera view to stop the shaking anyway!

Yes, the “screen/camera” shake is so bad on mode 3 that I almost have to look away. A disable feature would be great.


It would be so nice to be able to disable the shaking camera! Then I wouldn’t have to look away or close my eyes when riding on the bridges and other places.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the camera ‘shake’. What platform are you using, and what camera view?

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Windows PC, any angle where you’re behind the avatar.

Found a video of a race on Watopia, on Youtube, where it’s clearly visible. But not allowed to link.

Search for “TakpNCpLTh4” on Youtube and you should find a stream by Matt Looker. It’s shaking at the start, but stops when they reach solid ground at 3:10. Then the shaking starts again as they reach the wooden bridge at 7:30.

Any update on this?
I’ve been searching the forum and can see this was highlited over 4 years ago and discussion meanwhile archived.
No luck on google either.
This shaking on cobbles / floorboards/bridges is driving my gf an I nuts (we both get some sort of motionsickness and nausea of course).


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Which trainer are you using? I have a Tacx Neo and what you describe seems to be the road feel - you can disable it in the Tacx App.

Hi Milan, it’s onscreen (monitor/tv) where it shakes constantly when on gravel or floorboards (bridge).
Windows 10 user with high-end pc, so no lag/delay/screen tearing because of graphics settings etc.

Erlkoning, I hope they’ll fix it at one point. Quite expensive hobby and gear.

With a subscription income of monthly (!!) over 1 million USD, they should be able to fix that quite quick I reckon.

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Hi Michael,
I had never this issue, but as I wrote - looks similar when activating road feel in the Tacx App. It is a feature of Neo and doing exactly what you describe. You can switch it off or tweak in the settings. That’s why I asked you which trainer you have.
I don’t know if there are other trainers with this feature.

Different thing, it’s nothing to do with the Neo road feel. When your avatar is on cobbles or wooden slats etc, the game camera bobbles around. It’s very easy to see if you join a group event that starts on the Watopia pier and then don’t set off.

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Never seen it, sorry.

It’s only a subtle visual effect, but obviously some people notice it a lot more than others hence the thread.

I have this massive monitor in front of me while biking around, and the camera shake makes it so bad that I need to select routes with no gravel / bridges or else I’ll have to vomit. This should be an easy fix!


Zwift user for 5 years. Never ever noticed camera shake.

How bizarre.