Remove automatic camera change at top of Fox(?) Hill

The camera change to the helicopter view is very annoying in race situations and can’t be overridden. With race finishes at or near the area affected, it is very difficult to see relative positions of riders.
Please remove it. Thanks!

Change your camera view to 1st-person (view 3, maybe?) and this will not happen.

I find this annoying, also (as well as at the top of the Alpe), but perhaps this will get you by until a change is made (if that ever happens).

I’m unable to change the camera angle going past the pond/mill in Makuri too. It’s a nice scenic spot–but in a race, I’d rather be watching the wheel in front of me.

I haven’t done so for a while but at the top of the Alpe, any view other than 1 would get me out of helicopter view.

All automatic camera views should be removed or an option to disable them.