Add Crazy Roadside Spectators

(Max Schemansky) #1

Add crazy fans alongside the road on Alpe du Zwift, especially on Dutch corner and from turn 1 to the summit. Cheering, waving Zwift flags, offering water bottles, etc. Even have a few that start running along side of you as you climb that you have to use your bell on “ring-ring”.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

That would be another good reason for me to avoid the Alpe du Zwift if that was to ever be implemented.

(Alex Fuller|All3 Sports) #3

I like all the stuff written on the roads - and thumbs ups, which from far away look like another body part that’s often drawn on the ground. Spectators overall could be improved - but I put this lower on the priority list. Interactions with them would be cool. Like, if you get a sprint PR, they go crazy. Or if you go slow they boo you.

(Roman Kuhn) #4

Cool idea! This should only happen during races to make them special.

(Godmother Fox) #5

Basically nice idea, but I’m afraid in my case they will BOO me all the time :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(lukas ranicar) #6

you are comically glum, alpe du zwift is very sterile and should be revamped to capture the feel of the real thing. WTF is the summit all about?