Increased race atmosphere

It would be great to have an even better race atmosphere on Zwift. Yes, there are already some crowds or other race elements in the game, especially at the Tour de France events. Nevertheless, there still is a huge potential:

  • Far more spectators
    -> not everywhere, but especially on the climbs (maybe even forming an alley with caravans in the background) and close to the finish line (maybe even on grandstands)
  • Cameramen on motorcycles, helicopters
  • Support vehicles with spare bikes on top
  • Improved sound: if there is a crowd, a want to hear it as well (cheering, cow bells, horns…), the bigger the crowd -> the louder they must be

But all elements should only be used while racing, to let me feel the difference to a normal ride even more.

In my opinion it would be great if Zwift could give us riders the best race feeling possible. When racing the Alp du Zwift I want to feel, that I am just passing the Dutch corner, rather then just seeing some orange tents next to the street.

Good examples for the implementation of such a realistic competition feeling are the common sport simulations like Fifa, Madden NFL or F1 2020.

I know the realization of this is tough (and costly) but a least this should be the vision! In the end, this would result in bigger engagement, more fun and consequently more Zwift customers… and with more riders in virtual races, Zwift could even raise more money by selling advertising boards to other companies. A win-win situation for all of us! :wink:

I agree. When i heard that there were crowds atop the Epic KOM during the Etape & VTdF events i was a little excited to see what Zwift had done. However the handful of half a dozen characters repeatedly sprinkled about was underwhelming.

We should be thankful that all the spectators were on the correct sides of the barrier though!


Spectators wildly cheering at an empty finish line don’t exactly add to the atmosphere in my opinion, shouldn’t be too hard to switch the animation depending on whether there are racers nearby or not…

Other than that, first I’d like to see camera angles where you can actually follow the sprint before getting to more advanced bells and whistles.

I totally agree that there are more important things to get done first! Like Personal Best Bot, Training Plan schedule flexibility, improved course gradient graph,… and yes a better perspective for sprints as well. As I said, I just wanted to show a vision, which should be aimed for.

But I don’t get the point of spectators wildly cheering at an empty finish line. As a rider you will see the spectators only when your nearby and consequently never, when streets are empty… :wink:

Ah. I was thinking about the vTdF coverage, obviously. When racing myself, my attention is too much elsewhere for such things to even register, and when just exercising, anyone cheering at me just seems fundamentally suspect :slight_smile:

issue with more spectators is that’s more rendering to be done for people’s poor underpowered iPads and they’re already crashing from rendering too many riders during the L’Etape events.

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The rendering issue is no argument against more graphic details! In other games you got options to lower the rendering, if your device is not able to handle it. But yes, if even more rendering must be done, there need to be options to make the game still fit to as many devices as possible.