(Fernando Gazzola) #1

I noticed in the village there was a outdoor bistro with tables and chairs but no people having an espresso coffee, empty! Why not when we log in and choose just to watch, have people at the bistro enjoying an espresso and enjoy the view and give a “Ride On” to everyone passing by. At least it would not look like lonely ghost town.https://scontent-yyz1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xlt1/v/t1.0-9/12670422_10205921769873864_4639890110011989763_n.jpg?oh=4bfb7600e374f67f78320111cabec64c&oe=576BB201

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #2

I do agree, the place does look a bit closed down, 

Some spectators here and there would not be wrong especially in the build up areas. In the big town square there could be rider pool from where you grap your bike and start the ride rather than from somewhere roadside.


(Raymond Connor (wbr)) #3

yea and some banners with messages on them :slight_smile:

(Bruce Law UCI 66) #4

Translucent cycling bots; no people - just underwater sea life. Is this some sort of post-apocalyptic world?

A little sideline animation would be a nice touch.

Maybe a little extreme, but maybe a few car doors opening! Snarling dogs. For that matter, snarling car drivers opening doors. Wha’cha think? (Just kidding - I like Zwitft’s version of Utopia.)

(Fernando Gazzola) #5

Please no snarling dogs and car but I really liked Emily Iris Nevin idea on facebook about you can have the bike your not riding leaning up against the buildings, I found that really cool.

(Evan Wischik5096) #6

I agree, I often feel like I am riding through a barren world populated by the ghosts. Some signs of normal life as mentioned above (even though I know it’s just more graphics would make the courses feel less desolate.

And why do the bots need to be clear?

Why not just make them feel real? Isn’t the point to make world feel less empty when their are not enough real riders? I’d rather see bots that have skin tones, and perhaps a standard bot uniform to distinguish them. Be gone, ghostly bots! For example in other games/simulations AI characters are made to feel real. The point is to make AI feel real, not the other way around.

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #7

Those details are useless! Focus on real tracks, Zwift big problems right now are:

  • Only two maps, and Richmont is quite boring

  • No group system for races (automatically go to start line and not having to wait fully stopped on start).

Those kind of details you requested are simply not necessary.

  • Let’s recreate the most important/famous tracks all over the world:

Port of Mortirollo in Italy


A cycle track (Velodromo) -this is a killer feature-

And of course, let me choose where i want to ride


(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #8


You cannot say that those details are useless and then going on to say that Richmond is boring. Richmond is a real/famous track as you are asking for yourself.

That is not very consistent.

If you like Velodrome and real killer routes that focus purely on the real hard work and are realistic in effort than you may want to try the Bkool software (Bkool.com).

There you get all the Tour, Grand Fondos and Vueltas you can wish for.

It is very good at exactly that, however, I moved over to Zwift as I want more interaction with other riders to make the time goes by with more things to look at and not everybody who cycles is a fully focussed racer.

I tried various software to end up with Zwift being the closest of what I need/want.

Maybe try some others (maybe you will then appreciate how good Zwift actually is).

Let me know what you think of the Bkool site, it may just be what you like.

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #9

Salute Kermit:

I remember the first versions of Bkool (they only support their trainers) . Tested it but alone is quite boring. With a supportive group of friends and power controller trainers can be great. 

Velodrome is a must for Zwift in the future. But a separate instance where i can be training me or just testing myself. But before reaching that point we need separate instances of maps and map selection. 

In online games like WoW (World of Warcraft), you play in the general map but you -and a group of friends- can generate a private map in order to ride or just mess around. 

Racing in Zwift will have to generate a new map instance without blue players nor powerups, and a route set from the beggining.  In this sceneario, Velodrome will be a perfect test map. I want to test myself virtually there =)

Technically Richmon is amazing (the hole Zwift ecosystem is a master piece). But i feel it quite boring compared with Wastopia. At the same time, i consider the Mario Kart aquarium with the dolphins on drugs a waste of resources. The dust effect and the paves parts are gorgeous. 

(Joe oeyGee MM60+) #10

This might complicate things a bit…But hey! …Its the Virtual so why not?.. For lack of a better place I’ll put my Zwift wish list here. Perhaps the Zwiftonians could make a list of possibilities and we as users vote on what we would like. My List: 

 1. Spectator Feature: Riders and Non-Riders can search a rider (with a privacy setting), event or course and only view. Sort of like watching TV. 

 2. An area,  maybe a Coffee Shop or a Town Square where user/riders can congregate and like in other Virtuals chat, in Local or IM about whatever. Inter rider communication is lacking. 

  1. Some morphing of the Avatar, just the head maybe. Do we all have to look like we had the same mother and father? We are all brothers and sisters on the bike, but this takes that a bit too far. 

  2. Provide a UV template for the Jersey, OK! maybe some user made jerseys will look terrible, but how is that any different than RL … 

  I know there will be improvements and additions, perhaps some user input as to what is developed could be considered … 


(Fernando Gazzola) #11

Joe Giovenco I totally agree morphing of the Avatar of the head. Lucky me mine is almost my twin with the head shaven. So yeah I wish every shaven male stop looking like my brothers.