Spectators on London course


On the London course a considerable quantity of spectators. When you pass by them, the picture considerably “freezes”. Quantity of spectators well to cut at least by half. Beautifully certainly, but the sense from them has not enough. Resources only spend. In program customisations it is possible to add an option for regulation of quantity of spectators, with possibility them to disable absolutely

I agree with disabling spectators and eliminating the rain completely (at least it has been reduced now).  If I am doing a workout, event or race, I’m too focused to notice them.  If I am doing a recovery ride, I find them to be a distraction.  I’m not sure what value they add to the game.

I am a fan of the spectators.  It takes away from the prior barren, zombie apocalypse feel of a major city with zero people

I don’t mind the spectators being there, it’s the unintelligible loud noises they make that I find annoying. I like the other sounds (birds, etc), so I don’t want to turn down the sound slider. I actually enjoy looking at the spectators. I do not experience any degradation in image quality but I do have a higher end video card.

Thanks for your opinions!

May be in programm option insert selector for on/off spectators? This variant will suit all.  Such option necessarily is present at many other games

I haven’t noticed any slow down caused by the spectators. Most are static and don’t use up any more resources than a building. The animated ones probably use less resources than other people’s avatars and bikes.

Spectators and anything else to make it environment less sterile are appreciated by me.  I’m sure this could be auto-adjusted to some degree based on the performance of the system it’s running on.

Of course the fans enliven the landscape. But then you need to make them in Richmond and Watopia. But still the option to control their display should be present. Some do not have very strong computers, and for them the presence of extra objects can be critical. And they want to train …


If you are running Zwift on a slow computer it would be great if the game would Automatically reduce the level of detail displayed, including spectators, so you can still run it at a reasonable frame rate.  

It would also be great if the level of Detail was Automaticlly increased if you are on a fast computer/iPad.