Spectator Mode

I know this goes against the whole point of having a “riding” game, but due a poorly fitting bike, I have to take a day or two to have a proper fitting done before I cause myself injury.  I was hoping to ride the worlds tonight, but that would more than likely push my aches over the edge.

Now this sounds a little crazy, but I would actually like to watch the race tonight.  I will sign on a sit at the side of the road, but it would be nice to log in as a spectator and chose where you want to stand.  Maybe even some cowbell!  Might be nice.

You can if you have Zwift on your laptop and an internet connection! 

I tried to watch tonight.  The problem seems to be that you can only watch one rider for a couple minutes before you are randomly switched to a rider on the opposite end of the island.  After watching that rider a couple times, you are no longer able to view that rider.  I felt like a stalker.  Last I had seen, it looked to be a good race.  Just wish it wasn’t so hard to watch.

Yes. There is a known issue – actually by design to keep things manageable when you have thousands of riders. Currently, we only pay attention to about 50 riders in your vicinity so at some point, that rider falls off the radar. This will get addressed so you can follow that one rider around the island. 

Hopefully next time I will be next to that one rider and not on the sidelines.  Though, some cowbell would be fun in a race!!

Oh, and thank you!  You guys are doing a great job!!

To James point: Cowbell is essential.