Feedback from Week Night Races

So we have been playing with racing the past few weeks and I wanted to throw out some feedback.

First, from a positive stand point, it actually works how you would want it to.  Chasing guys down, attacking, working together as a group.  Absolutely loving it.

Constructive feedback:

Draft dynamics:  I don’t mind it when I’m on my own, but in a race scenario this can be amazingly frustrating.  Say we’re in a group and we’re moving along at a pretty good clip, and we encounter a rider or other group up the road.  Right now we just kinda hit it and one half of our group goes one way and vice versa.  So basically a gap opens up and you have to close it every time you come up on someone.  Same when in the same group, sometimes a guy in the lead starts tracking to one side of the road and people behind just go weird ways that usually have them losing contact and having to reestablish the position.

View distance capping:  On the first week, we still had access to 100% of the island so it was possible to track people behind or in front of us.  Second week a restriction was put in place and we could only see so far ahead or behind.  Nate Guerra was going to commentate on the race on his livestream, and this removes that capability as well as the ride leader’s ability to account for everyone.

I’ve missed something - what are these races of which you speak?


They sound great, how do I get involved? (Don’t say Facebook)

some people seem to be organizing group rides through strava, so far I have not seen any group organization on FB.  It would be good if they set up a forum section just for group rides.

From the posting on the FB group:

Too early, cold, hellishly trafficy for your local Tuesday Night Worlds Ride? Not on Jarvis Island!

ROEs: To be in the ride you must start a FRESH RIDE for the event. ie, you need to log in and idle on the side of the road until 6:00 EST to start.* There will be one WARM UP lap, nothing above 2 w/kg to give everyone a chance to group up and then it will be fair game starting on the next lap banner (currently right after the cityscape before starting the major climb). Also, on the warm up lap, find myself (N. Robinson) on the lap and do not get ahead or too far behind me as that keep things organized and easy to follow. We generally try to communicate the logistics as much as possible in-game, but due to the pause screen blocking messages, it’s best to check facebook. Anyone caught blatantly** attacking off the front going into the hot laps before the banner will not be counted on the podium of 3 places. Group jersey will be the yellow/black bumblebee kit.

we’ve had issues with people not knowing when to start, but we will not start past the banner until the time on this website ticks 6pm!

13 Laps total (1 w/u lap, 12 laps hot with no regrouping).

Winner will be determined off of a Strava segment combining all 13 laps. I realize all the inherent flaws in doing it this way, but it’s the best we have right now. Hopefully there’s a solo flyer to make things easy!

1st $10
2nd $5
3rd Honorable Mention of First guy not getting paid.

When the podium is determined, let me know your paypal and we can do it that way. If this catches on and becomes a large thing I can justify not doing intervals for, it’s worth $15 dollars of my money.

Someone mentioned that they would like to contribute to the pot to raise the payout and I’m cool with this, but don’t know the best way to arrange that, so if anyone has any ideas I’m all ears. Kickstarter?

*the reason for this is it allows everyone to see who exactly is still in the race in case of lapped riders, non-combatants, and johnny come latelys

** as decided by me, the fairest and most just ride dictator in all the land.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions post em up.








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