Adding spectators to the Richmond course...

So far I am liking the Richmond course.  But the town seems lonely; very much like a ghost town.  It would make the setting lively if spectators are added.

It would be cool to see spectators on this course in late September at the same time the real races are happening.

good idea :slight_smile:

Would we get bored of seeing the same spectators doing the same thing each time we go around?    

This is currently not planned as there is a significant performance hit already for the Richmond course - adding spectators that match the quality of the rest of the course would basically make many basic computers cry.

I’m not saying things like this *won’t* be added on the future, however! We all think it’d be pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Eric, thanks for the response.  Based on the trade-off, we certainly believe Zwift made the right decision.  Keep up the excellent work!