Reverse course on Richmond

(Chris Wilkerson) #1

We really need to be able to go the opposite direction on the Richmond course. It’s so long that to catch up with group rides, I’m faced with either going all out just to catch, or sitting around waiting for the group to catch me. Also, it would just be really fun!

(Stuart Davis) #2

Agreed! although to be truthful I’m bored with both Richmond and Watopia, need some fresh blood I think…

(A Stewart) #3

 A new course would be wonderful!

(John Murphy) #4

Reverse Richmond would be nice.

I think they’ll have some issues with colliding with oncoming riders on some of the corners.

(Victor van Essen) #5

The more courses, the better. I know Zwift is working on this, so hopefully we will have more variety soon :slight_smile: