Add non-riders to Watopia

Sometimes it gets a little routine just seeing riders on the road, maybe it would be a good idea (and not too difficult?) to add the occasional sidewalk runner and/or dog walker?  No cars please.

A “Just watch” option in which we’re merely a spectator at the edge of the road would also be nice. Fills up the streets a little bit as well, and gives another perspective of watching ongoing races.

It would be nice to have spectators along the course that are animated and maybe have an option to toggle them on/off in the options screen. Those with the power to run the program in ultra can toggle spectators on and vise versa. It does feel dull riding the richmond course thru what is a really a ghost town.

Please add tunnels of spectators along all KOMs. Add Didi too. And a few runners running along side screaming and fist pumping. Some smoke flares maybe and a Dutch corner. And a few radio tour motos for near misses.

How about personal fans, family and friends holding up signs with your name saying “Allez!, allez!” or not…Dutch corner, now that would be insane…