Camera shake on The Grade climbs [June 2024] [1.67]

Is this the same which happens in the radio tower climb or that one is intentional?

Yep, this is the same camera shake that can happen on other steep climbs like the radio tower climb. We’re working on an improvement that will apply to all of them.


In fairness, I get pretty shaky on steep climbs, so I’m unlikely to notice. :smiling_face:


I thought they’d only noted the shaky camera effect on steep climbs, which is why I mentioned it on the flat sections of paving slabs.


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It was brought up more than a few times when those roads were launched but Zwift never commented on it. But yeah, I find it overly harsh as well.


Had a go last night, it was really juddery on my Apple TV 4K (to the point where I couldn’t look at the screen).

Hey folks -
I’ve split this topic to a dedicated thread. We’re investigating the root cause of this shaky camera on steep climbs, and we’ll update this thread as progress is made.


It’s not only steep climbs. Today I noticed a wobbly background during today’s Sea Breeze race on Beach Island Loop. Nothing steep on that course.

Samsung Tab S7+.

Is it possible to eliminate camera shake entirely, or at least make it a user-configurable setting? It’s annoying (and nausea-inducing for some) on wood bridges, cobbles, etc.



Some of us have very large displays, and that much camera shake is properly an awful experience.

Every video game that has camera shake, has the option to turn it off (likely mostly to reduce seizures more than anything else).
It needs to be an option. (Granted it’s never been that bad before that I’ve noticed, but we’ve had some patches this year that have made some areas quite nauseating.)

Personally; I’d just prefer more obvious road noise, over a shakey camera.

Alternatively, don’t attach the camera to whatever it’s attached to. Let the avatar shake and rattle around instead. That’ll get the same point across, without the discomfort of camera shake.


Yes please, an option to turn off all camera shaking! I hate all of it.

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What is strange that the rear facing view has no camera shaking. I choose this option when it annoys me too much.
But it just doesn’t make sense at all. Why does the camera shake in the third person view? In the first person it might be plausible.