Camera shake on bridge and cobbles

I’d love to be able to turn off the camera shake that happens when riding across the wooden bridges and (to a lesser extent, I think) cobbles and dirt sections. It’s not too bad when running Zwift in a small window, but when full-screen I have to look away. It’s like instant motion sickness. I think it’s because the bike itself isn’t moving, but the image is.

Changing the UI for this is probably the last thing you want to work on right now, so if there is config script or something, like selecting Ultra resolution, that would be fine too. Looks like not many people are asking for this.

Hi Chris, 

In fact we have handful of people who asked about this. Let me add you on the request list. Once we’ll get enough requests we will make this feature optional. So I’m sorry to say but in the meantime time you will have to look away when riding overt a bridge. 

Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter and Ride On! 

If you change camera to 1 or 2 (cant remember which one) its a little further back in the 3rd person view, but more importantly there is little or no camera shake.


shaking too much

I believe view #5 has no camera shake over these sections, so that may also be an option.  I prefer that view unless I’m in a group.

I love the camera swerve and shake but especially the swerving as it makes the ride extremely life like. I live on a boat at anchor and my trainer is, obviously, onboard so this is a great feature.


Okay W W - ltb,

One more request pinned down. 

Thank you

As screens get larger or move to projection, the shake is beyond useable.  Camera angle 5 is currently the only solution.  Would love to be able to reduce shake.