Camera Shake Setting

I wonder if this is a feature that is only enabled on the Tacx trainers that can provide road feel. Even with the road feel setting turned off the visual camera shake is still visible. I agree, I ride in front of a 65" 4K TV and the shake can be quite distracting at times.

Hi, yes please add the option to turn the camera shake off. It is really making me feel dizzy and kind of triggers motion sickness. I really hate it.

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I think it is especially bad right now with the camera angle issues too. Camera 2 is really bad.

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I have the same issue with the Zwift Hub. I’m in front of a 82" TV and especially in the corners the buildings and trees are shaking quite strong which gives me nausea.

Camera smoothing is the keyword for the developer. This feature should have an option with a slider to adjust how much smoothing you want. Such thing can be implemented in a few minutes in most 3d engines.