Calibrate footpod, two users

Both me and my 12 year old daughter run in Zwift using the same footpod and the same computer. When I log in and calibrate the footpod that calibration is also used later when my daughter logs in and runs using her account. Our strides are different so we must calibrate every time the other one has been running otherwise the pace is very much off. So I would like that the calibration is related to each of our accounts and not to the computer.

I’m not sure that is possible, as I think the calibration is within the footpod, and then communicated to Zwift, so Zwift is just reading a transmitted value not reading a specific footpod and translating the value. Similar to the power/cadence/hr numbers, which are transmitted by the various devices.

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Ok, I just assumed that the footpod transmitts a value and Zwift applies some kind of muliplier to that value depending on the outcome of the calibration test. On my Garmin watch I can see the calibration factor and thats why I made the assumption that the watch adjusted the value received from the footpod. If youre right then the value that i see on my Garmin should change when a calibration has been made by using Zwift and that calibration has updated the footpod. I will check the next time if the value changes.

Most foot pods don’t store the calibration internally. The Milestonepod is one that does store the calibration internally if you calibrated using the Milestonepod app. The calibration should be user specific and app specific.

Unfortunately Zwift doesn’t use a simple calibration factor but uses a calibration process, and it remembers the calibration by the foot pod unit ID and not by user.