Sharing Zwift Run pod with family members

I have a quick question.

We have a treadmill and I am thinking of getting a the Zwift Run pod, but I want to share the Pod between 3 family members.

Do we need to calibrate the pod everytime we switch between different people or will the calibration be stored with the user profile.

I think each person would need to calibrate it since small differences in where the pod is located on the shoe can make a difference in speed. When I switch my Stryd between shoes I notice a difference in speed within Zwift compared to the treadmill speed.

And these are great for moving the pod from one shoe to another (I’m using it for Stryd, but I think it works for the Zwift pod also):

I should just get a Zwift pod so I can get more familiar with it.

MilestonePod (and presumably Zwift RunPod) saves the calibration internally if you use their app for calibration. So don’t use their app and just do the Zwift calibration which is per user anyway.

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Hi, @Gerrie_Delport

How did you get on with this please? We’re a family of 4 and about to start using Zwift on our new treadmill. I’m trying to work out if I need to buy 4 run pods, or possibly the Runn sensor, to cover all of us? Obviously I’m trying to avoid having to calibrate every time someone used the run pod or sensor. The plan is that all 4 of us will have our own Zwift profiles on iPads or iPhones.

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Hi @Jon_Stillman

I did not get the run pod.

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OK, I believe the calibration is saved within the user account on each device that runs Zwift, so you should not have to calibrate each time for every user.

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Thanks @Paul_Allen.

Are you referring to the run pod or Runn sensor? So we could potentially share a single run pod or sensor between 4 people?

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The NPE RUNN does not need calibration since it measures the treadmill speed and transmits that to Zwift (or any other device or app).

Many thanks Paul.

So, with the sensor in place, any of the family members can use the treadmill, connect the sensor to their device and use their Zwift app independently?


Yes, that should be true for ALL sensors since I believe the calibration is saved within the user account on each device that runs Zwift. So if I calibrate a sensor using my iPad that calibration with be save on the Zwift profile on the iPad and will not sync across devices or user accounts. Meaning if another person logs into my iPad on Zwift they will have their own calibration and also if I use a different device (like a PC) I will have to do another calibration.

I have used 3 different device for my Stryd and I had to do a calibration on each one of them. Yes, I know you don’t have to do a calibration with Stryd, but I did/do.

Ah, so you’re using the Stryd pod and not the sensor on the treadmill belt? So hopefully the Zwift running pod can be shared between the family members, as the settings are stored in the Zwift profile and not the device?

Apologies for all the questions on this, your help is greatly appreciated.

OK, it does not matter the sensor, I was just giving an example of what I have used.

Yes, I believe that there should be no issue in sharing the Zwift Run Pod, BUT if there is going to be multiple users I would suggest using the NPE RUNN.

If you use the Zwift Run Pod I would suggest using these on the shoes to make moving it between users easier, they work great for Styrd so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for the Zwift Run Pod:

I have both the NPE RUNN and Styrd, but at the moment I am only using the Stryd.