RunPod calibration vs app platform

Is the foot pod calibration stored in the pod, on the device on which you run Zwift, or in your profile? In other words - if you run Zwift in a different device, do you need to re-do the calibration, or does it follow with the pod (or your profile)?

I don’t know the answer but if you go to the calibration page, it gives you the option (bottom left of pop up window) to delete the latest calibration data, along with the date of that calibration.
I guess that, if you tried on a new device, you can tell whether the calibration data has been pulled across based on the presence, or absence, of the option to delete the latest calibration. Hope that makes sense

I just switched from Android to iPAd running.
I calibrated on Android and it was pretty decent, I not always recalibrated the runpod.

Now I didn’t think about calibrating when I started on my iPad but noticed fast that the values are way of the chart.
So if you change the plattform you MUST recalibrate!

And it seems the iPAd with only Bluetooth is much worse with getting data correct as in the lower paces the data of my treadmill and the runpod on the iPad are way more different then from the Android tablet before.

Android even without calibration maybe 0,2-0,3km/h
Ipad with calibration is 0,5km/h and more in slow paces.
I need to check this the comimg days how to improve that

Calibration is stored in your profile so as long as you are using the same footpod, you can run the game on any device and calibration will be unchanged.


Thats definitly not true.
After I changed to iPAd I had to recalibrate.
Also yesterday I found that even with a new recalibration the speed the runpod gives is way more of the chart than it was with my Android tablet before.

With Android I calibrated once and was running for some days, the data was off by maybe 0.1-0.2km/k only.

Now with the iPad the speed shown in ZWIFT is of >0.3km/h and more even after I recalibrate.

You’re right, I’m wrong.

It was originally designed to work as I described but is now being written to the local (prefs) file on the device or machine you’re using so the short answer is you would need to recalibrate if you change what you run the game on.

On a somewhat related note, were all these runs on the same treadmill?

Ok, that’s important to note before taking Zwift Run on the road and using a different device than at home (in my case, iPhone or iPad vs PC).

Calibration is quick. It’s more consistency of the treadmill speed that I worry about. Everyone likes to believe that if the console says you’re running 7.2mph that you’re running 7.2mph which is often not the case. We’ve tested tons of treadmills and it’s amazing how inconsistent results can be.

I’m certain of that. We’re working with imprecise foot pods calibrated to imprecise treadmills. At least I’ll do the cal on my treadmill before heading out on business trips - it will be off, but consistently so.

Or get a Runn and a bunch of double sided tape :slight_smile:

Yes all runs were done on the same treadmill.

I actually wait for my Runn Sensor to arrive as Im not really comfortable with a runpod (its not about the Zwift pod I use now). I guess a cheap runpod combined with a simple treadmill will never give good results. Its ok for me as a beginner, but in the end I want comparable results so the Runn hopefully will do better.

I have been fiddling about with this issue for a while as I am using a STRYD and I run with this foot pod on a treadmill at the gym. As a matter of fact what I do is when I calibrate on zwift I run at 2kph slower and I still get slower running values. This is really confusing me now.

Any ideas? I did read online that this is usually the case as this is usually the speed of the treadmill running belt and not your actual speed.

My guess is that the Stryd is accurate and the treadmill is not.

You could also get a NPE RUNN and see how it compares to your treadmill and Stryd. My guess is that it will be close to what the Stryd is reporting.

BTW, Stryd suggests you don’t calibrate it since it will be accurate out of the box.