Cadence Workouts

I get set workouts by my coach which are based n cadence and not power. For instance this week I have a set that is:

MS: 6x7min ladders of
90"@ 100rpm
20"@max rpm
40"@ 105rpm
30"@max rpm
60"@ 110rpm
90"@80rpm recovery

Is there a way to get this workout into in Zwift using intervals rather than having to put them all in individually?

Generally, you can’t import custom workouts based on cadence and can’t input cadence requirements through Zwift’s Custom Workout Builder.

However, even though we’re not at all officially affiliated, ZWO Factory does allow you to add workout blocks and change cadence requirements. The site should do all of the conversion for you changing cadence targets to power output targets.

If you can import a created workout with cadence targets, try to test it out without ERG mode activated first. ERG creates a power output target based on speed and cadence, so it likely won’t allow you to target cadence specifically.

Once you have a chance to test out a custom workout, please let me know if it works or not. If it does, zwofactory may become my new favorite third-party site.

Ok thanks - I have the same problem though.


The interval option in both the workout creator in Zwift and the one in zwofactory only have an option to repeat the same interval multiple times, whereas I would like to create the above which repeats 6 times. 

It means I have to enter 48 individual steps plus a warm up and cool down.


Moving forward would there be a way to import workouts created in Garmin Connect and then do them in Zwift?