HR and cadence target for custom workout

(Joris Berthod) #1


I use Zwift for my trainning session and I like your update for custom workout!

I create and load my workout in my Garmin with Garmin Connect. In my workout, I have cadence and HR target.

I want to create the same workout with your new module “Custom Workout”. Is it possible to ad this target (cadence and HR)?  If not, do think you can develop this an when?

Tks in advance!

(Brandon Wilcox) #2

Yes!  I was thinking the same thing.  Many of my workouts require me to ride in  a power zone AND hold a certain cadence.


Custom power zones would be great too, not just based on % FTP.

(Jerry Weiss) #3

Non-custom workouts have cadence target messages in them when the interval changes.  Is there a way to provide this (at least) for custom workouts?

(Phil Whiffin) #4

Another vote for this - please.

(Jerry Weiss) #5

You can now add messages of any kind atcany point in the workout

(* Luke A13) #6

Cadence as a target oin screen - Gets my vote for sure

(Manuel Oberti) #7

I vote for HR and cadence to workout section…good

(Donavon Lewis) #8


The user has a smart trainer and is wearing a HR monitor.

If user prescribes 150bpm, Zwift will slowly increase (resistance) till the HR of 150bpm requirement is met. 

When custom HR is achieved, (resistance) is sustained. 

If HR exceeds prescribed BPM, wattage (resistance) is reduced

If custom workout then calls for a lower HR, the power (resistance) will drop till HR is reached. 

At this point, HR dictates power. 

At the end of the ride, it would be nice to see a time chart of HR and power  over 5 maybe 10 or even 1 hour to see what my fitness looks like.