Workout cadence

(Tim Camden (B)) #1

I notice that the work outs I’ve done this year do not require me to hold a specific cadence.
Last year , they did.
Have the cadence requirements been removed or is it just the specific work outs I’m doing?
If the cadence requirements have been removed, what was the reasoning?

(Aaron) #2

I just finished the Build Me Up plan. Pretty much every workout included cadence targets.

Which plan are you doing?

(Tim Camden (B)) #3

I have been doing workouts in the 10-12 week FTP Builder.
Today I decided to impose my own cadence by making myself hold 100 RPM for several of the segments.

(Kehva) #4

Some workouts have cadence and wattage targets while others only have wattage targets. If you could provide me the name of the workout in the training plan you’re attempting I can verify if it has a cadence target or not.

If you need some more information, here’s a link to an article that goes over ERG mode in general. When Zwift asks you to meet a cadence goal it’s just a different way of getting to your wattage target.