Get rid of cadence estimates in Zwift Companion

I’m not using a cadence sensor. There’s a really bad cadence estimate that shows up in Zwift Companion. If I’m doing a workout with cadence targets, a “pedal faster” message flickers at me and is distracting. Please get rid of the cadence estimate or let me turn it off.

You are choosing a workout with a cadence target and you are not meeting that target. I don’t do those workouts. Workouts without cadence targets are more enjoyable, and thus more effective for me.

I’m aware I’m choosing a workout with cadence targets. Many of the workouts have them in a peripheral sort of way. I agree that it would be a little odd to do a pedaling drill workout without a cadence sensor but when the targets are all 85-100, it seems like it’s not that important.

I would suggest getting a cadence sensor, that will take your training to another level.

I have a couple, just not on that bike. I don’t find the feedback particularly useful.