Cadence override for workouts using set rpm

I believe it would be useful to have some kind of override in workouts that set a certain cadence for efforts, much like you have the bias adjustment in case you find the set power too much towards the end of a workout.

I was just doing a workout that set a low cadence during a high power effort. I’ve had previous knee problems and try to avoid these, but if I continue at a high cadence for my comfort I get the ‘SPIN SLOWER’ warning and don’t get the gold star for the segment. I felt a twinge in my knee and knew straightaway it wasn’t something I could just ride off and decided to stop. Had I been able to continue at my regular higher cadence I’m sure I would have been fine.

Given that Zwift is great for those recovering from injury I think this would be a great additional feature, especially as it’s not always obvious in the workout description that there are going to be set cadences, so if you suddenly encounter this part way through a workout it would still be possible to continue without risking further issues. As with the bias adjustment, it’s much better to tweak this and be able to finish a workout than have to give up altogether.

This seems pretty reasonable. I’ll flag with our training team.

Great. Thanks James.

Hey @Kevin_Bishop … the cadence targets in workouts is a “soft” target but has no impact whether you get a star or not if you are outside the target range. I’m sure the workout targets a certain cadence for a reason but prioritise your health! Here’s a bit of an interesting article on stars/xp if interested.

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Thanks for the response, Dean, and thanks for the link to that article. Even though I’m a regular reader of Eric’s great site I missed that one. Interesting to learn that not hitting the cadence target doesn’t affect being awarded the gold star - that wasn’t my experience, but maybe I messed up the wattage instead, but thought it was because of the cadence. Either way, you still get that warning to ‘SPIN SLOWER’ or ‘SPIN FASTER’ flashing for the whole interval, so an override to switch that off would be useful. But I understand that could be a lot of work for something relatively minor.

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