Adjust workout cadence config

Dear Zwift Team,

I’d like to suggest that the workout editor should be altered to allow to have a choice between 2 cadence target modes per step:

  1. Like it is today. You define a cadence target and you’re allowed to stay within the target +/-5 rpm. Thats fine.

  2. You should be able to define a cadence range to stay within. I have a lot of workouts which are defined by my coach (FinalSurge) where I should stay in a cadence zone. E.g. stay within 80-100rpm. If these workouts get loaded in Zwift, only the 100rpm target is present in the .zwo file. That means, I get a target of 100rpm in game with the usual ±5rpm.

If there is already some kind of hack to get this into the .zwo file, I’m happy to edit these files by myself in notepad.