On-screen Instructions and Cadence Target

I wish Zwift would make an option to turn off the on-screen instructions and cadence target zones for workouts. I understand the instructions could be helpful for newbies or for the first time a workout is used. But is it super annoying if you use the same workout regularly.

Similar with the cadence target zone. Cadence training is super specific and most often a personal preference. And it is almost impossible to actually stay within the programmed target zone. The last thing I need when doing Z5 workouts is to have a huge blinking notification in my face telling me I am doing it wrong.

For those of us that just want to ride and workout, let us do that without all the unnecessary flare.

these workouts have been designed with the idea of you targetting a specific cadence for a specific reason. it’s not just for “newbies” or “first-timers”.

it’s important to train at a range of different wattages and cadences otherwise you don’t get enough variation in your training programme to make big gainz.

if it isn’t comfortable for you, that’s probably a sign that it’s something you need to work on!!

is it low cadence or high cadence you are struggling with?

I don’t struggle with either. Sometimes I focus on high cadence. Sometime low, depending on what I need to work on. And often I just do what is comfortable, as most people do. As you said, cadence training is very specific. And if what I need to work on does not match the cadence target zone in the workout, it becomes a nuisance, rather than a help. And, depending on my selected gear, the target cadence can be essentially impossible to hold consistently for the target power. I simply want the option to turn off the on-screen instructions and cadence target. If it is helpful for some, great. Leave it on. If not, give us the option to eliminate the distraction so we can focus on the workout.