cadence wildpoints

Anyone else seeing an issue where your cadence jumps to unrealistic levels?  For example today I saw a temporary jump to 550rpm.  When this happens my avatar starts pedaling like mad.  Its only lasts a second or two.  I am using a Garmin GSC10 for cadence.  It has a new battery and my ANT+ stick is about 2 feet away from it.  I am using my tablet to Bluetooth music from  Pandora to a speaker.  Could that be a possible cause?

Never had a problem.  I use the Garmin sensor.  Good luck.

Tonight I tried using my Powertap wheel for cadence and I did not experience any wildpoints.  I think the Powertap data is inherently less accurate but at least I’m not seeing crazy cadence levels. I wonder if the Garmin and Powertap interfere with each other?