Customer Support - Cadence Fluctuations

(Bryan Leisle) #1

Look, I understand every startup now farms their customer support out to the cheapest operation in China, but come on. The least they could do is read my email before replying with a canned response that makes no sense on their THIRD reply after I waited 10 days for a response. Is there any way to get actual customer support at Zwift outside the rabbit hole?

My cadence data constantly jumps around 20-30 RPMs up and down only in workout mode, no other time. I use the Garmin cadence sensor that came with my Edge 510 computer. The Edge and FIT files show correct values - it’s not my sensor. Support says they need log files but I use an Apple TV and they said Apple TVs don’t have log files available.

Any suggestions?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

How are you connecting the Garmin cadence sensor to you ATV?
How far away is the ATV from your cadence sensor?

(Bryan Leisle) #3

Bike is about 12 feet from the ATV and I use the CABLE ANT+ to BLE adapter. My power comes from a Powertap hub and I use the standard Garmin HRM. Again, cadence data in Zwift is fine when I’m in an event or just free riding - it only happens in workout mode, and it happens constantly. If it was a connectivity issue, I’d expect to experience it all the time, or at least some outside workouts.

(Chris Lenthall ) #4

When my garmin cadence sensor started jumping about it was a sign that the battery needed changing