Cadence showing on Mobile Link, but not on main screen HUD

(. Scotty II) #1


I’m using Zwift with a Wahoo Kickr SNAP, Win 10 Microsoft Surface connected to external larger monitor, and iOS Mobile Link.

The Mobile Link displays my cadence, but the HUD on the computer screen does not show cadence. I would think that if the cadence is displayed on the iOS Mobile Link, it would also be displayed on the HUD.

Is there a way to have my cadence appear on the HUD, section 3, numbers?

Thanks in advance for any help on this issue. 

(Paul Allen) #2

Can you post a screenshot while you are pedaling, the one you posted you are just parked on the side of the road.

Are you also logged into the Zwift app on the computer and the ZML app on your phone with the same account?

(Jon Mayfield) #3

The Snap dosn’t broadcast cadence, and I assume you didn’t explicitly pair to an external cadence sensor?

The display on Mobile Link is a bug - it is showing the cadence emulation we turned on for your avatar.

(. Scotty II) #4

Greetings Jon,

Thank you for the explanation. I was not aware that the Wahoo Kickr SNAP dose not transmit cadence.

I do have a Garmin cadence sensor mounted to the bike. I assume I can pair that sensor in addition to pairing the Wahoo Kickr SNAP.

(Danny Rensenbrink) #5

Today I noticed the same. I have the KICKR Snap connected via Bluetooth to my Mac. On my bike I have a Garmin ANT speed/cadence sensor. Not paired to Zwift, Garmin Edge 510 is turned off. 

On the Mac/Zwift I didn’t see my cadence. But on my iPhone (Mobile Link app) I saw my cadence. How is this possible? Is this simulation/emulation?

Another question. Is it possible to connect my ANT Garmin speed/cadance sensor to my Mac, when I buy a ANT+ USB dongle/stick? Or do I need to buy a Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor for that, like the Wahoo Blue SC?

(Majel Padilla) #6


Yesterday was my first ride wth Zwift and I have no issues at all. Though earlier today I tried to do short interval ride but it seems that the cadence and speed sensors are not showing on the screen while I’am riding. I only see all the data after I finished riding. 

Thank you