Buying new Zwift platform

I’m thinking to buy a new device to use Zwift on. Since the video quality on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE realy sucks.

I’m thinking to get a Apple TV. But first of all will this give a better video quality then the Tab S7?

And if it does I read about the “old” Apple A12 and “new” Apple A15 chipset

And that Zwift will make a better version of video quality for the new A15 chipset. Is this already happening or still nothing? (see attached picture of a post from 2022)

All the tablets, phones, and Apple TV have roughly the same graphics profile. If you want better than that you’ll need a PC or mac. The latest M1/M2 macs have a pretty good graphics profile, better frame rates, better resolution. A PC with a dedicated GPU is the best way to get the top graphics profile and performance for the lowest price. If you have a Facebook account, check out the Files tab on the ZPCMR group for PC building advice. You can ask questions about it in the group but read the files first.

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So a Apple TV is as sad as this?

Somewhat better, but not a huge improvement. Same frame rates. Not close to what you can get from a mac mini or a PC with a dedicated GPU.

Hey Paul

I’m not looking for the best possible high end resolution graphics just for some zwifting. I just want Zwift looks like is a 2020+ “game” and not from 1997 with those pixels.

Is it possible that some tablets are worse than others ? Or are they all exact the same ?

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If you connect an AppleTV4k (2022) to a property, 4k TV (particularly OLED), Zwift looks a lot better than people give the ATV credit for. The menus, UI elements (eg: rider names, leaderboard, HUD) all render in native 4K. The game elements (road, riders etc) may only render in 1080 but (at least for my OLED Samsung TV) upscale and look rather nice.

I’d encourage anyone on the fence: go to your local BestBuy or Apple Store and plug an ATV4K into the best 4K OLED TV you can. I’m quite happy with Zwift on mine and don’t notice any of the chunky edges depicted in the images you’ve attached.

EDIT - a lot of the colour gamut is lost in a photo taken with a cell phone so I’m not sure posting a photo would do it any justice. OLED screens look wonderful in person due to the wide gamut.

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In group rides and racing when its gets fast on the cycle the ATV became a big issue for me. I have an older one but Tariq (SMART Bike Trainers) is mentioning in one of his Youtube videos, even with the new ATV (30% GPU performance increase) Zwift runs at 30 fps. This matters for the over all image quality.

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Any pictures of your ATV ? or screenshots that you take with it. :slight_smile:

Tablets are all the same in terms of resolution and graphics profile and a 30FPS cap. Of course some of them may not reach 30FPS if they are slow.

Apple TV in 1080p on a modest sized display would be better. It still gets the Basic graphics profile which is independent of screen resolution and cannot be changed, but if you don’t care about that then it’s fine and many people are happy with it. An M2 mac mini could do 1440p or 4K and I believe it’s on the High graphics profile now. I’m using an M1 mac which gets the Medium profile and that’s fine for me. It provides things like rider shadows and other slightly more detailed scenery compared to Basic. Also twice the frame rate of Apple TV or a tablet.

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Just found a video (I can’t share the link of that here) and they compare the Iphone to the ATV I gues the Iphone is almost as bad as the image on my tablet at the moment. So it’s for sure better then what I’ve now. And since everyone say that the ATV is so good and easy to use. And it does the update automatic I think I gonna try one out.


If you buy through an authorized retailer, I believe Apple allows returns within 30 days if not satisfied. It’s virtually risk-free to try one. Of note: the Companion app should be consider practically mandatory for use with ATV - the remote is fine to start the game but doesn’t cut it for in-game interaction.

For not much effort, and not many hours, you can get the best Zwift has to offer. Join the FB group mentioned above, build your own system and be happy.