Bump out of the system ,!

Hi during this stages 3 and 4 of tour of watopia ,This system keeps kicking me out of the race therefore I’m not able to complete those stages can anybody give me any input please thank you , I know my Internet connection is working just fine .

Hi @Andres_Cox1

We will need a bit more information Like what system do you use to run Zwift? When did Zwift Bump you out?


Hi , I’m using my cyclops Hammer , link to my IPad , I didn’t have any issues with stages 1 and 2 ,but on 3 and 4 as I’m pedaling 5 minutes into the the my iPad goes back to my home screen ,I try to log back in to resume the session 2 minutes later same thing happens , today I continued to pedal after the third time , my power ,cadence heart rate was showing ,but my miles were not adding up , although I did finish the whole stage today the system only marked me as a 2.7 miles ride and then I go check on the stats it shows my time accurately 53 minutes for stage 4 2.5 wars per kilo avg, thank you

I would suggest looking at your Log files and see what FPS you are getting during these rides, I suspect the graphic demand is just to much for the Ipad.


You can put your log file into Zwiftalizer.com to see your graphic usage. I would suggest doing it for stage 1 and 2 as well and look at the minimum and average FPS.