Bug found: Zwift running on iOS resets the preset treadmill speed when device display turn off

Found this by accidentally turning off my iOS device while running.

Reproduction Steps:

  • start Zwift, select “Run”, in the bluetooth pairing screen set the treadmill speed to 8.0 km/h
  • Using the Milestone Foot Pods, do a 60 second calibration run at treadmill setting 8.0 km/h
  • start the run and watch your speed doing somewhat around 8.0 km/h
  • turn device screen off and on again
  • see speed indicating too high, somewhat around 10 km/h, the standard setting, app is ignoring the setting and the calibration run.

Setup: iPhone 6S Plus, iOS 11.2.6, Zwift 1.0.24186, Milestone Foot Pods and BT HR monitor paired

Have to add i might have switched to another app to check messages, not 100% sure. But screen was off for a short time.

I would guess that this is an issue with the MIlestone and not Zwift

Don’t calibrate the milestone with Zwift, calibrate it with the milestone application. I had this problem with mine and both milestone and Zwift say to not calibrate in Zwift.

I did a calibrated 5km park run distance and then calibrated the milestone in its own app. It is now accurate with half a km or so with the treadmill. Remember no treadmill is accurate both in terms of calibration and your float above it when in the airborne part of your stride. 

My foot pod is bang on acccuarte against a known track distance and my Garmin Vivosmart GPS distance. 

Hey Jan!

As Steve mentions above, the Milestone pod should be calibrated on the Milestone app rather than on Zwift. This is the recommended calibration specific to that pod.

Let us know if you have any other questions!