[Bug] Category restriction on higher cat

Viewing a women-specific race, I expect that D is locked due to my recent upgrade, but the UI is also showing the restriction icon for Pen B.

When I click on B, it still seems to enroll me (the background switches from orange to green and I show up in the list), but the restriction badge remains on top. I’ve seen this on a few race event pages, so filing the bug now since it doesn’t appear to be a one off.

I am pretty sure that Icon (!) is indicative that it has hardware restrictions (like Power meter/smart Trainer only)

But it is strange that it is only for certain categories.

Edit: the (!) Is for category enforcement, thanks Meg.

This may be a woman spesific issue.

Oh, interesting. I think there are other icons for power and HRM (photo attached), but yes, I agree it’s a strange one!