Bowflex C7 connects, but no power output/movement [November 2023]

Not fixed. Not happy.

I appreciate that boflex hasn’t even set up their support portal properly, and just uses the default jira account

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Honestly. No response. No progress. Been using the JRNY app while waiting and it’s gettin’ old.

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Patience is not a virtue I posesses. Ordered a Zwift Hub One this morning and will Craigslist the C7. If history serves, Jrny should then resolve the issue about 10 minutes after the Hub One ships.


Damn Chris, you were close. They fixed it today.


We have just released a hotfix to resolve the connection issues you were experiencing while trying to use Zwift, Peloton, and other third-party apps with your machine. We’re sorry for any inconveniences and disruptions this caused to your workout routines. Please try the steps below to have your machine check for updates. If you continue to experience any issues, please let us know right away so that we can share that information with our development team. Any detailed or specific information you can provide will be very appreciated.

Check For Updates:

Reboot your machine by disconnecting it from power
On the JRNY Logo Screen, tap quickly & repeatedly on Launcher Version in the top right corner until a menu shows
Select Check for Updates from the pop-up menu
*Check Version: *

Once Logged In, navigate to your Profile tab in the bottom right corner
Enter the About Section
Confirm the App Production Version shown is 2.17.1


The Zwift Hub shipped last night. My luck, or lack thereof has the precision of a Swiss watch. You are all welcome. :wink:

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At least you can ride till it comes in lol

It took them a long time to do the fix when it was working fine before last update. lol

Looks like a hot fix was release today. Have not validated yet.

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I tested it, worked right up

Has anybody else been lucky with the fix? I am looking at buying a C7 now strictly to use with Zwift on IOS and would like to ensure it’s working before pulling the trigger.

Is there also a powermeter in the C7 that will send the data to Zwift?

All the reports I’ve seen is that’s it’s fixed.

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I have a Bowlfex Velocore which is supposed to bluetooth with my Android, or PC, or Apple product, and then to Zwift, which I love, but as you know it does not. Been waiting for the fixes for I can’t remember how long…

But, over a year ago, I gave up on that and installed a Wahoo Cadence and a Wahoo Speed sensor on the Velocore and they connect with Zwift fantastically… But, the speed sensor is not accurate.

I have tried setting zwift (speed sensor) to about every brand in the list. The only thing that adjusts the speed is the tire size setting. Setting the tire size to 20" is closest to a real world speed I can get. But it is still roughly twice the speed I am really moving.

The wheel on the velocore is 16" diameter. I have the sensor installed close to the hub (some website said to do it that way). I could move it out the edge of the wheel with some minor plastic cutting on the velocore…

So, my question is?

  1. Can you add wheel sizes such as 18" thru 14" so I can dial my speed in?

  2. Should I have the speed sensor mounted close to the hub, or out at the edge of the wheel?

I know the sensors are not really designed for stationary bikes… but they work great! Just need to be able to dial in the speed accuracy.

Have you tried the latest JRNY update to see if your velocore will pair with Zwift properly now? It’s going to be difficult to achieve reasonable accuracy with the speed sensor. The sensor is designed to be mounted on the hub so I’d put it as close as possible to the axle.

There was a recent bug fix in JRNY that fixed a few different fitness devices: