TM not talking to Zwift

Hi, since the last update, I can’t get my treadmill (Bowflex 10) to connect to Zwift. It still connects to other apps, including the JRNY app, so I know it’s still transmitting fine. I’m running on an iPad or iPhone 14 Pro. I have ruled out Bluetooth interference by shutting down all other apps/turning off my watch.

Is this a bug in the update? There’s no location services data for Zwift on my iPad.

We have seen one other recent report relating to a Bowflex treadmill, cause unknown.

And there have been recent reports of Bowflex spin bikes apparently broken by a Bowflex firmware update. Any firmware changes on your treadmill?


Ceri, I think i am having the same issue.
After I sign it to zwift and it shows I am connected to my treadmill, but once I start running… it says connection failure and the avatar doesn’t move.

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It’s an acknowledged fault with JRNY. They’ve done an update which has caused the issue. They initially quoted 4-6 weeks to resolve but suspect it’ll be quicker given the implications.


it is a known issue between all Bowflex/Nautilus products and Zwift. Per the other message, it is known by JRNY; however, a fix has not been identified nor has any time to repair been widely distributed nor status updated. I recommend sending an email to: to open a ticket and have your voice added to the people asking for an expedited fix.


Having the same issue. Logged a message at the email address noted in the chain

I have also sent follow-up emails asking for an update; I have received no response. :disappointed: