TM not talking to Zwift

Hi, since the last update, I can’t get my treadmill (Bowflex 10) to connect to Zwift. It still connects to other apps, including the JRNY app, so I know it’s still transmitting fine. I’m running on an iPad or iPhone 14 Pro. I have ruled out Bluetooth interference by shutting down all other apps/turning off my watch.

Is this a bug in the update? There’s no location services data for Zwift on my iPad.

We have seen one other recent report relating to a Bowflex treadmill, cause unknown.

And there have been recent reports of Bowflex spin bikes apparently broken by a Bowflex firmware update. Any firmware changes on your treadmill?


Ceri, I think i am having the same issue.
After I sign it to zwift and it shows I am connected to my treadmill, but once I start running… it says connection failure and the avatar doesn’t move.

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It’s an acknowledged fault with JRNY. They’ve done an update which has caused the issue. They initially quoted 4-6 weeks to resolve but suspect it’ll be quicker given the implications.


it is a known issue between all Bowflex/Nautilus products and Zwift. Per the other message, it is known by JRNY; however, a fix has not been identified nor has any time to repair been widely distributed nor status updated. I recommend sending an email to: to open a ticket and have your voice added to the people asking for an expedited fix.


Having the same issue. Logged a message at the email address noted in the chain

I have also sent follow-up emails asking for an update; I have received no response. :disappointed:

Received this reply today! Fingers crossed!!

We have just released a hotfix to resolve the connection issues you were experiencing while trying to use Zwift, Peloton, and other third-party apps with your machine. We’re sorry for any inconveniences and disruptions this caused to your workout routines. Please try the steps below to have your machine check for updates. If you continue to experience any issues, please let us know right away so that we can share that information with our development team. Any detailed or specific information you can provide will be very appreciated.

Apparently they’ve fixed it. Heard others saying it’s now ok

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