Trouble connecting Bowflex C7 to Zwift Android

Hi Zwifters, I need some help please!

The Zwift App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has connected a bunch of times in the past with no issues to my Bowflex C7 trainer. A couple rides ago I was seeing graphics errors (lots of green splotching) in game. I was thinking I need to remove the app and re-install it, then an OS update came out for the tablet. I think I installed the new OS update, then uninstalled the game a reinstalled…I got one ride in (same graphics errors), which was two days ago.

Today I try to go on a ride and the tablet can’t find the Bowflex (cadence and resistance/power). My heart rate monitor (bowflex arm strap that came with the C7) connects to the tablet (not the bike) just fine and reads my HR.

Troubleshooting so far:
-Power cycling the bike
-Using the bike restart function
-Restarting the tablet
-On the tablet going in to Storage → Apps → Zwift and removing data
-Uninstalling & reinstalling zwift
-Checking for updates on the bowflex (up to date)

Edit: Also tried resetting the C7 to factory default (hold the arrow button on the back, then plugging power back in). It restarted & auto downloaded updates, but it remembered my WiFi password so I’m not sure it was a true reset.

Also tried installing Zwift on my phone to see if it would work from there. No luck.

Neither device lists the other in the bluetooth menus so I can’t figure out how to reset that connection.

Zwift version 1.33.3 (107565) (I checked the app store and no updates are available).

My internet is the same as it was for a dozen successful rides.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Responding to my own post…the issue issue is apparently that android 13 kills the connectivity between zwift and the bowflex c7.

Contacted zwift support and they were like “buy different hardware.”

It works from my pixel 3 which is on android 12. 5 inch screen.

Cancelled my zwift account until i get a better resolution. Ohh well i was having a lot of fun.

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Bowflex Velocore, New user- but zero connection options with android, Working the windows connection now. Referred by friends to join rides but if it don’t
work, Ill be making sure to terminate as well!

Windows connected instantly after the download. Issue is bluetooth connection on Samsung S21