Bowflex Velocore

I have a Bowflex Velocore and was excited to get back in touch with old biking friends with zwift. Velocore has a zwift app preinstalled so I figured it would be virtually seamless. Followed all instructions for connecting the two. So far it has been a disaster. It takes at least 5 min to connect, then it cuts out mid ride. On top of that, the information on the velocore screen and the zwift app are completely different.
I’ve seen people not happy with the latest update. Is that the only problem?
Wifi is very strong in the area and ever other device works great in the room that I’m using this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The bluetooth on my Velocore bike disconnects from Zwift every 3-5 minutes which makes my workouts extremely frustrating. I knew from my prior conversations with Bowflex customer service that the Velocore can only connect to Zwift for up to 55 mins at a time, which wasn’t an issue for me. However, I’m not pausing my workouts 10-15 times a session because the bluetooth loses connection which forces me to get off the bike, unplug the bike and plug it back in. I do this process just to get up 5 mins of connectivity now. This problem has been going on for about a week now, and I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

I just started using my Velocore and had all kinds of trouble getting Zwift to recognize the bike. Eventually when I did, I could only get the Zwift to appear on my iPhone (it was receiving my speed and heart rate info).

Should the Zwift screen be appearing on the Velocore screen?