Bowflex C7 Bluetooth not found

Hello everyone how are you? I’m sorry if I’m in the wrong thread and if I’m wrong, please ask the admin to move me to the correct thread. When searching the web for problems related to Bluetooth connectivity I found this page, I bought a Bowflex C7 bike to use with Zwift, but my iPad and iPhone with IOS 17 cannot find the Bluetooth of the bike called C7, it only finds the speakers, The Zwift connects to the bike’s sensors so far so good, but when I turn on the doll it only stops when I pedal and a connection failure message appears, I can’t find the bike’s Bluetooth in the list of devices, I don’t know if it’s necessary, but I try to connect to see if this is the problem, detail… all applications, including JRNY’s, are authorized to use Bluetooth, on the Android smartphone I can see the BC7’s Bluetooth device, but it doesn’t work. a message appears saying that I need an app to connect, I’m jealous of those who are complaining that they only connect for 55 minutes and the connection drops, because I can’t even do that, whoever has had this problem and can help I’m very happy, thank you.

Don’t have any experience with that bike, but have you tried following the instructions from this video?

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Thank you very much for your help friend, in the video I don’t see it connecting to the bike’s Bluetooth device, only to the cadence sensors, I can do this on Zwifit but the doll doesn’t move when I pedal, I don’t know if there should be a connection between my iPad and the The bike’s Bluetooth called C7 appears on Android or just Zwifit connectivity, if it’s just Zwift connectivity I must have a problem with my Zwift