Bose Soundsport HR

(Matthew James ZTR (B)) #1

I’m having an issue when using the my bose soundsport HR headphones with Zwift. 

I can connect to my mac to listen to music, but once I open the zwift application the bluetooth signal is constantly dropped and then reconnects in an endless loop. I have tried removing the bluetooth as a recognised device on my mac, but i seemingly have to do this every time i want to connect. 

My normal setup would be bluetooth connection to my powermeter and my Viiva heart rate monitor. I have tried connecting to both of these using ANT+ also, but this does not remedy the issue. 

I would use the headphones as the heart rate monitor for Zwift but it constantly reports there is no signal being received. 

I have also tried this on another MacBook air and i get the same issue. The headphones are upto date with the latest software. 

Any suggestions?

(David K) #2

Do your Bose headphones allow you to pair Bluetooth Audio and the Bluetooth HRM as two separate device connections? If you unpair your SoundSport from both Zwift and your device’s Bluetooth settings, then try to discover your SoundSport from your device’s Bluetooth settings again. Do your SoundSports display as two available bluetooth connections or just one?

(Matthew James ZTR (B)) #3

Hi David yes, there are two different Bluetooth connections, but they do not show at the same time. 

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey Matthew I’m going to create a support ticket for you and see if we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks for writing in! 

(A lex M-V KISS C) #5

Did this get resolved? I’m looking at buying th same headphones in place of my dead garmin band