Bose Sports buds constantly reconnect while using Zwift

I recently just got some Bose Sports Buds and they work fine for running and listening to music on laptop but can’t use them with Zwift running. The issue is where I try to use them when Zwift is running that constantly drop every 2-3 seconds and reconnect. I’ve tried pairing them before and after Zwift starts but I get the same thing. I have 2 other pairs of bluetooth headphones and they work just fine with Zwift. I bought these since I wanted something that sounded better with music going in the background but it’s unusable. Is there anything I can do to resolve?

Laptop is: 2021 Mac Book Pro M1 Pro and a Tacx Bluetooth trainer

Make sure there is no other device close by that may be auto connecting via BT to your buds. I have had this problem. Once I identified the competing device and insured the buds would not connect to it the Zwift disconnects ceased.

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There were some BT connectivity issues with the 2021 M1 MBP that were supposed to have been sorted out with a software update (not sure when). Even if you’re getting good, sustained connections most of the time, such an issue could be making an edge case of those Sports Buds. Have you updated the MacOS to the latest version?

After that, are the Sports Buds fully charged? Low battery can increase the risk of intermittent disconnects, apparently.

If it were me, I’d go through the whole un-pair, reset, re-pair process, so that you start from scratch and see if the same behaviour appears.

Bluetooth can experience 2.4GHz interference. If your WiFi is using 2.4GHz band, the easiest thing to try is going to 5GHz. If that’s not the issue, you might try eliminating other possible sources of interference by shutting off all wireless devices that you can live without and see if it helps. Things like DSS TV, wireless phones, baby monitors, wireless keyboards, etc. Switching to ANT+ for trainers, HRM, power meter, etc. might also help.

For some reason this worked after unpairing and repairing about 10 times. I don’t know what the deal was. Like I said, other ones worked just fine today, so I don’t think it’s a wifi or other interference issue. These include a case with a bluetooth button that I can press at anytime to cause them to pair so I’m wondering if it’s causing interference by having a secondary connection. I decided it’s not worth the hassle and will likely return these and suck it up and use my cheap earbuds until I get something else.

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