Zwift/AirPod issues

Whenever I start Zwift while using AirPods, device pairing is incredibly inconsistent and the AirPods disconnect/reconnect to my zwift computer over and over again.

My setup for zwifting is a macbook, wahoo kickr, wahoo tickr, PT pedals, and wahoo Ant+ usb dongle. The AirPods will be connected to my phone when I launch zwift and I’ve seen the following:

  • unable to pair with various Bluetooth and ant sensors
  • no power reading for the ant or BT channels of PT pedals (version 2), though device shows as connected
  • AirPods begin connecting/disconnecting repeatedly with the computer, though they were previously connected to a phone.

None of this odd behavior happens when I start zwift while airpods are in the case.

When the inconsistent pairing occurs (not always) I sometimes have to restart the zwift app, other times have to restart the entire computer. I have not tried but think maybe restarting the Bluetooth daemon would work in place of a full system restart.

TBC, I generally do not want the AirPods to connect to the zwift computer. I like to listen to music or podcasts from my phone while riding and do not care for the in game sound.

Have this same issue myself. Keeps trying to connect my Airpods to my computer instead of phone/ipad like I want it to. Haven’t figured out a solution. Seems once I get riding and once everything is humming along, it stays connected to my ipad (I usually watch Twilight Zone on my iPad while riding).

If you find a solution, let me know!

I’ve got the exact same problem, but doesn’t matter whether I’ve started Zwift or opened the airpods case first. Super frustrating. Help please, Zwift?

I ended up disabling bluetooth on the the zwift computer completely, all my devices connect through the ant+ dongle so I don’t actually need to use BT. It is strange that they haven’t even acknowledged this issue.

Sounds like bluetooth signal interference from the airpods, same thing can happen from multiple different devices, it’s not really Zwifts fault that everything uses 2.4 ghz signals now adays.

I don’t think that is right. The BT standards are able to handle many devices in the same location, and there are no ANT+/BT interference problems when BT is disabled on the laptop. Further, other apps like trainer road and Sufferfest have no problems with the exact same setup. I believe the problem is related to how the zwift app interacts with the computer’s BT system.


Hi Guys. I have a macbook and using BT to pair my Neo OG. Using airpods pro witout any issue un the last 6 months maybe more. I switched to a new Neo 2T last week and as using my airpods as usual zwift have dropouts with zero power and cadence reading. As soon as I disconnect the aipods putting them in the case all go back to normal. Connecting my airpods to my phone for music no issue at all. So the problem is airpods and Neo 2T connected at the same Mac. No change in wifi. The only news is the trainer. Tried to connect airpods first or Trainer first without any results. Obviously with wired phones no issue but It’s a downgrade for a trainer upgrade. :face_with_monocle: