Zwift/AirPod issues

(Erik) #1

Whenever I start Zwift while using AirPods, device pairing is incredibly inconsistent and the AirPods disconnect/reconnect to my zwift computer over and over again.

My setup for zwifting is a macbook, wahoo kickr, wahoo tickr, PT pedals, and wahoo Ant+ usb dongle. The AirPods will be connected to my phone when I launch zwift and I’ve seen the following:

  • unable to pair with various Bluetooth and ant sensors
  • no power reading for the ant or BT channels of PT pedals (version 2), though device shows as connected
  • AirPods begin connecting/disconnecting repeatedly with the computer, though they were previously connected to a phone.

None of this odd behavior happens when I start zwift while airpods are in the case.

When the inconsistent pairing occurs (not always) I sometimes have to restart the zwift app, other times have to restart the entire computer. I have not tried but think maybe restarting the Bluetooth daemon would work in place of a full system restart.

TBC, I generally do not want the AirPods to connect to the zwift computer. I like to listen to music or podcasts from my phone while riding and do not care for the in game sound.

(Alden) #2

Have this same issue myself. Keeps trying to connect my Airpods to my computer instead of phone/ipad like I want it to. Haven’t figured out a solution. Seems once I get riding and once everything is humming along, it stays connected to my ipad (I usually watch Twilight Zone on my iPad while riding).

If you find a solution, let me know!